One Day, or Day One

curated by Chris Viaggio

One Day, or Day One

Stefany Lazar

Jasper Spicero

Puppies Puppies (Jade Kuriki Olivo)

Emma McMillan

Standing on Neptune's surface, he occupies and internalizes a transitional slip into the depths of the dead (just as he occupies and internalizes the room), some among them still drowning. Not every part of me has deceased.

Invited guests are showered in the nostalgia associated with a broken self whose life has been lived to its logical end. The purgatory preceding sobriety is a view of oneself as ultimately inadequate, yet what leads one out and onto the other side is a radical determination to reverse the ease of resorting to such learned self-deprecation.

It is hard to determine the length of my stay.

Promises are not made to be broken, but it would be misleading and cruel to call them indestructible. May the "Days of Our Lives" be followed by much, much better days.

I mourn the loss of my addicted self—the consolation of living a life of secrecy and superhuman delusion that was, and could only ever be, exclusively mine. But such mourning must not provoke a desire to act on reinstating patterns of the past. To use (again) is to promise to transfer my own mourning onto those who I just so happen to matter to. It is a promise that I have broken another promise, and that I will continue to break bonds.

Most of all, to allow addiction to go on as it may is to deprive optimism of hope, and refuse faith in the faceless face of all that is unknown.